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Hi, I am Hiren, a Freelance Web Developer & Online Marketing Consultant based in London.

I have over 5 years of experience in website design (HTML, CSS, XML, Photoshop, Illustrator & Flash), programming (PHP, MYSQL, Action Script, JavaScript & AJAX), online marketing (SEO, Viral campaigns & Email Marketing) & project management.  I also manage my own team of qualified and experienced programmers and SEO experts in India. My unique selling points are:

  • I’m in London so we can meet up and discuss your unique requirements.  By understanding exactly what you require, I can suggest a unique solution for your requirements. Contact me now for a free no-obligation consultation on 07790 909 265.
  • My team of developers in India allow me to offer you a much lower cost than other companies in London, but still maintaining the highest quality and standards. You don’t need to worry about any communication gaps that you may otherwise face when outsourcing your project to offshore companies.
  • Lower cost and higher quality websites is our service and we’ll give you complete peace of mind in using our offshore development services.

You can contact me anytime, to discuss your website requirements or to upgrade an existing website. It’s just one phone call away (07790 909 265).  Once we start discussing your website plans, you will have full confidence in having your website developed by us and we’ll certainly save you a lot of money.A lot of my customers are like you:

  • A start-up business (very low to no budget)
  • Existing business (low or medium budget)
  • Individuals (who have good ideas but no or less money)
  • Other website development start-up (who want to start business with minimum investments)
  • Existing website development companies (who want to get their work done at lower cost )

Whoever you are, whatever your requirements are, Hiren, a specialist website designer & online marketing consultant can help you. Myself and my team have a wide range of experience of developing single page websites to websites of thousands of pages. We have worked on a variety of projects:

  • Website Design
  • Brand & Graphic Design
  • Bespoke Content Management System (manage your content according to your requirements)
  • Online Directories
  • Web applications
  • E-Commerce (online shopping websites)
  • Community and Social Networking Websites
  • Governmental Websites
  • Customization & integration of Open source projects such as:
  • Drupal (content management system)
  • WordPress (blogs)
  • PHPBB (discussion forum)
  • osCommerce (E-commerce) etc.

So how much will your website cost? It entirely depends upon your requirements, budget and quality desires. I have options for all projects with prices starting from as little as £500. I am also interested in new concepts where people have a limited budget.  I can work on this kind of project on a profit share basis or through a stake in the project. To know more about website design, visit this page….So don’t hesitate to contact me at my mobile 07790 909 265  and speak to Hiren now  :)Cheers!! Hiren PatelWebsite Design – SEO and Online Marketing Services

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