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Hi Folks

Thanks for sparing few moments to read about me.

My name is Hiren Patel, I live in a beautiful city called Surat in INDIA from where I am operating my eCommerce business. I sell Indian ethnic wears through www.gravity-fashion.com

My Mission Statement is: Helping Indian Entrepreneurs to understand what is eCommerce and online marketing, so that amateur freelancers, web developers and self promoted marketing experts can not cheat them.

In this blog I will be sharing my experience of eCommerce and Online Marketing with entrepreneurs and startups. I will be sharing everything I know, everything I have experimented since year 2000.

I have worked in London from 2005 till 2013, I have worked inside a Germany based search engine www.seekport.com where I used to improve quality of search results by building algorithms and combinations of algorithms and discovering & removing large network of spam websites. I worked on search engine for UK’s popular travel site www.lastminute.com

While in London I have managed online marketing campaigns for few eCommerce companies and be part of development of their websites.

I have been CEO of Gravity Informatics Pvt. Ltd. since 2004, I have managed team of over 35 so called skilled developers and marketing people. But I have learnt most of them knew nothing. I had to tell them what and how to do it.

My online marketing team was inefficient and knew almost nothing, beside basic on page and off page things with spam techniques.

Therefore it was important for me to learn it, experiment it and then guide my team.

And so is the story of most web development and online marketing companies and freelancers of India.

You as an entrepreneur you should have at least basic understanding of eCommerce and Online Marketing so that you can get maximum ROI whether you have inhouse IT and marketing team or you outsource it.

Over years I have learnt the importance of great customer service.

Most important thing I have learnt is how integrated everything is, therefore as an Entrepreneur you should have a bird’s eye view.

And I can share it with you.

Thank you.

Hiren Patel

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